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Privacy policy statement page for Minneapolis Limo Service. We want you to know that we are glad you are her, And to be honest with you we wouldnt ever thought that you ar anyone would be visiting the privacy policy of a limousine rental website. Well then since you really did landed here on this page we want to let you know that we will noe rent or rent your private information. We are on the business of selling limo remtal services not selling names,and phone numbers.So please relax now that you know that we will protect your info as if it was our own. This website is not intended to be used by anyone under the age of 18 years of age. Our website like almost all sites on the internet uses cookies to store and track customer interactions just so you know.
Your information will be shared with our business partners to better serve you.If you do not agree with this please leave our website asap. Also on our website there will be outgoing backlinks that when you click on any of them you will be taken to other websites. We encourage you to check their privacy policy page as theirs will differ from ours.

Minneapolis Limo Service
2345 Quincy St NE
Minneapolis, MN. 55418

Last Updated On 03-01-2023

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